Funding the future while there is one.

Earthy Earthy Earthy

Proceeds help power the BETTER Climate Fund, a community-driven endowment for climate-positive projects.

Climate action from the comfort of your couch.

Hang Loose

Members of the BETTER community vote on what projects to fund using the interest earned by the endowment to support long-term, transparent and purposeful impact.

Supporting projects that support our planet.

BETTER currently supports the purchase of verified nature-based carbon credits and plastic pollution recovery efforts.

Toucan Plastiks

Got some burning questions?

So do we. Like, why isn’t more being done to stop a climate catastrophe when we have all the technology already needed? Reach out with questions, hate mail, or suggestions. Our ears are already on fire with anticipation.

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We’re f*cked. Well, almost. That’s why we built the BETTER Climate Store, an experimental digital storefront that sells sustainable products. Proceeds are allocated to the BETTER Climate Fund, a decentralized, community governed endowment to help fight climate change.


If we wanna survive on this planet, we gotta eliminate one-time plastic use, or upcycle it. That’s why we use the most sustainable, recycled, upcycled, and least-plastic-possible materials to make and package our products.


Moving stuff around Earth creates emissions and pollution. That’s why we strive to produce our goods as locally as possible and use carbon offsetting for deliveries when available to reduce that waste. Plus, we also always try to partner with companies who practice the same approach.